Cider Consulting

Helping business navigate in a mobile world.

Cider Consulting provides training, education and services to businesses in the Twin Cities to become more mobile and efficient. We specialize in Apple hardware, software, and services; AeroHive networking; iOS and iPad/iPhone deployment including security; and JAMF's Casper suite MDM. Typical projects involve custom design service, collaborative working attitudes using both agile and iterative approaches to projects, expertise on policy, education and strategic planning. 

Many technical problems are, in fact,
​not solved with technology.

Cider Consulting specializes in rebalancing existing technology by focusing on the job for which you have hired each component of your toolset. A purposeful re-examination of your company's existing tools, talent and partners can often simplify costs, magnify the value of your IT investment and open space to bring on board new tools that are better suited to today's business expectations.

Let Cider Consulting help you guide your company to higher ground in an increasingly mobile world.

Our rates are designed to simplify.

For 2016, standard rates are as follows:

  • Engineering - $160 an hour
  • Consulting - $125 an hour

Engineering work typically consists of tasks such as enterprise high-availability, software clustering, Oracle RAC, fiber SAN, API design or integration as well as custom hardware design or prototyping.

Fixed prices for common activities like bulk Apple ID creation, OS X Server setup, training classes (on or off site), preparing books for sale on the iBooks store, preparing music or podcasts for sale on the iTunes store, etc... are also available.

Contact us for discounted rates when you wish to pre-pay a portion of the estimate or otherwise commit to a certain amount of work over time. When we can pre-plan work that is both well-defined and not time-critical, often lower rates can be arranged.

A more formal proposal is desirable when coordination with other vendors is anticipated, for projects more than 6 weeks long, or upon request. Unless we have a written agreement that states otherwise, I charge only for production, travel and meeting time -- the time I spend figuring out how to solve your problems is not billable.

We are happy to provide estimates and quotes for projects of all sizes. Just email if you have any questions or feel free to use the form below:

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